How to Do Your Own Body Piercing?


To do your own body piercing, begin by marking the place where you want the piercing using a non-toxic marker. Then, pop the first layer of skin using a needle before tilting the needle to the angle you want the piercing to be. Finally, place the jewelry into the hollow back of the needle and guide it through the hole.
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Any business operating in the United States must be registered with the local county or with the Secretary of State for the given state the business operates in. It depends on the
there is actually kits online and cd's for you to see how to do it. all items are sterile. im going to try it on my friend! lol im not going to do it on myself! You definitely should
1. Choose where you are going to place your piercing. Make sure that it is in a place that is going to suit you, and also a place where it won’t interfere with your workplace
Cleanest way is to purchase a new self piercing kit. Make sure all
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Body piercing has become as popular as tattoos in many places. There are many issues to consider before you decide to get a body piercing. Once you've made the decision to get one, use care in choosing the piercing facility.... More »
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