How to Donate Trophies to Be Refurbished?


Trophies can be donated to be refirbished. Sometimes that means they are just reshined and polished. The plaque is removed and a new one put on. Or they are melted down and recycled to make a brand new trophy.
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How to Donate Trophies to Be Refurbished
From small to gigantic, trophies come in various shapes and sizes. Once given, trophies are usually displayed for a period of time, then packed away and forgotten. Don't throw away your old trophies, or store them in boxes---instead, donate them for... More »
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1. Wipe your trophies clean with a soft cloth or rag and pack them in boxes. 2. Seal the flaps on the boxes with packing tape. 3. Place the boxes in a dry area, such as a garage or
: You can also donate old trophies to charities, sports clubs etc as many will have very little budget to work with so will appreciate help on this front. Call your local trophy and
I haven’t been able to find organizations other than the Marbridge Foundation accepting donations of used trophies right now. Please email recommendations to
You can donate old trophies to schools, Boys and Girls clubs, Special Olympics,
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Winning trophies is great. You get a pretty little statue to sit on your shelf and show everyone what you are good at. But what happens when you get too old to ...
To get rid of old trophies, you can either pawn them at a local pawn shop or simply donate them back to the school or event that you won them from. ...
1. Donate your testing gear to charities that accept electronics. They will fix broken equipment and re-sell it to the public as a refurbished item. Proceeds generated ...
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