How to Download MP3 Music?


You have to down load the music from somewhere. There are thousands of free websites to download music from. Be careful a lot of bugs and virus pass through music
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To download mp3 music you have to purchase the song from the internet. If the download is free then all you have to do is hit download and tell your computer it's ok to download file
1. Go to a music download site like Amazon or iTunes (listed under the additional resources below) and purchase the mp3 file you want at a discount rate. The music files cost anywhere
Connecting Your Device Turn on your computer and open up Windows Media Player. If you get a pop-up telling you you should upgrade to the latest version, do it now. When you are ready
1. Go to the website that you will be uploading your song to. 2. Click the "Choose File" or "Browse" button. 3. Select the song on your computer using Windows
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The cheapest site for downloadable music would be the amazon shopping websites digital music collection or alternatively you may find iTunes is cheaper for some ...
You can download MP3 music from many music websites. Most websites will charge you a fee for the MP3 music download. Some websites have MP3 downloads for free. ...
1. Download Audacity (see References). Audacity is a freeware audio recording program, but it can also take an existing MP3 file and compress it into another bit-rate ...
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