How to download mp3 songs?


To download mp3 songs, first download an mp3 player to your computer. There are various websites that allow you to select mp3 songs for a fee or for free. If these sites are available, select the songs you want and download them to the player.
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1. Plug one end of the USB cable to your MP3 player, then plug the other end to an open USB port on your computer. 2. Double-click "MY Computer. You should see your MP3 player
This is a really generic question. There are many sites to download MP3s from, all of which require you to pay for them (if they're legal) | Mixed quality, average
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If you have money: ITUNES. If you don't have money: Best Solution: don't cheat on the artists and companies, buy their CDs. element. Font. font-family. font-size.
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How to Download Free Music Safely
Download free music safely by logging on to the Internet to download MP3's, tapping into streaming radio or connecting to an online music site. Use features and programs on a computer to download and listen to free music with tips from a computer... More »
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To download mp3 songs, simply browse the Internet. There are several sites and forums that offer free mp3 songs for downloads. You can also subscribe to some of the commercial sites, which allow you to download mp3's at affordable rates.
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