How to Download PS1 Games on PS3.?


1. Log into your PSN account through your PS3 console or set up an account if you don't have one. 2. Access the PlayStation Store through the "Games" or "PlayStation Network" menu on the PS3 cross media bar. Choose "Games" from the menu on the left
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How to Download PS1 Games on PS3
The PlayStation 3 includes several online features including the PlayStation Store, where gamers can purchase and download games. Among available games for the PS3 are classic titles for the original PlayStation console. Gamers with a PlayStation Network... More »
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Find downloads at the Playstation Store.
1. Go to the game tab of the menu. 2. Go to "memory cards. 3. Go in and select create new memory card. 4. Choose ps1 or ps2. 5. Hover over your new memory card, press the triangle
you have to go into the game data section and create a memory card.
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There are some games that you can download from a PlayStation one to a PlayStation three, using the PlayStation one disc. There are some games you cannot download ...
In order to successfully instal PS1 games onto the PS3 your PS3 is going to have to be modded. Most of the games for PS1 cannot be bought for the PS3. ...
PS3 stands for PlayStation 3. This is a video game conceal that came out after the PS1 and PS2. They're are many great games for this system and the PS3 prides ...
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