How to Drain Hot Water Boiler?


Before draining the boiler, you should first turn off the boiler and the water supply, then let the boiler cool down before attempting to drain the water. Locate the boiler drain valve, place a container underneath the boiler drain, then open both this valve and the valve of one of the radiators in the house, preferably one on the topmost floor. The water in the boiler should then drain into the container, allowing you to perform any maintenance that you need to.
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1. Shut the power to the boiler off from the circuit breaker panel in your home. The shutoff switch should be clearly marked on the panel diagram. If the boiler is a gas unit, then
It heats water to a desired temperature.
Water boils at 100 degrees C/212 degrees F at sea level. The boiling point of water or any other substance changes with elevation. At higher altitudes, pressure is lower so water
1. Turn of the gas supply to the hot water heater or water tank. 2. Turn off or close the valve for the cold water supply. Turn the valve counterclockwise to turn it off. 3. Connect
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