How do you draw 3-D shapes?


To draw a 3d shape or object is very simple. You have to make it look as though it had depth. You can do this either by adding more shading behind it or an additional line behind it and connect it.
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1. Open Microsoft Paint and click the brush tool. Click the black shade at the top left of the color palette, then draw a cube from a viewpoint that shows three of its faces. Refer
It is a dodecahedron, and you can see images at the link below. Drawing it, though, depends on your artistic skill at projecting 3-d images onto 2-d.
1. Choose the object you would like to draw, sit in front of it or at an angle. This will make it easier to create your 3D drawing. Ad. 2. First draw the base of the object and work
1. Open Photoshop CS4 and create a new document by clicking on "File" and then "New Document. Keep the background color as white, and make the document any size you
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The secret to a good 3D drawing is in the shading, and of course the basic shape of the object. After you have drawn a good basic shape outline, you will need to practice the shading effects. You can find more information here:
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