How to Draw a Bat?


To draw a bat, start by sketching some principled shapes. Then draw in two egg-shaped for the ears then a small circle in the middle for the nose. Start focusing with the body then includes arms and fingers. Add some details to the drawing then outline and rub out the overlapping sketches. You can decorate by colouring because bats are habitually brown, gray or white but the colour of your sketch will depend on you.
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How to Draw a Bat
Drawing a bat requires you to keep in mind the creature's distinct visual appearance. Learn how to draw a bat with help from an artist in this free video clip.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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To draw a bat form an upside down tear drop shape on the drawing surface. Add an oblique line in an upward motion on each side towards the top of the tear drop. Move slightly downward
1. Draw a horizontal oval. Draw two large parentheses inside the inner right and left curve of the oval. These two parentheses will be the outermost part of the bat wings. 2. Draw
1 Draw a circle and an oval which overlap each other in the end of the circle. This will be for the bat’s head and body respectively. You may want to tilt the figures depending
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To draw Halloween bats you will need pencil, eraser, paper, colored crayons, pencils, and a ruler. Use the white paper to draw a large, than a smaller circle. You ...
Animals certainly are tough to draw. It's usually best to start out with some quick circles and gesture lines in the shape of whatever creature you desire. For ...
Draw a Halloween bat beginning with an oval for the head. Extend the wings outwards from the base of the head, creating bat wings with veins and webbing. Add fangs ...
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