How do you draw a blueprint?


To be able to draw a blueprint properly, you will be required to choose the style, the size, the number of rooms and generally the whole layout of the blueprint beforehand. Once you have settled on the layout of the blueprint you will be required to develop and draw or buy or have the blueprint drawn for you. Another option you can use to have a blueprint drawn for you is hire a drafting company to prepare the plans and you have an arrangement with a certified architect to get your plans reviewed and sealed.
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I went to college four years to learn how to do this, there's no way I'm giving you my diploma. But here's a crash course to a simplified creation of a blueprint. Using double lines
1. Determine what areas of the house will have the most traffic. For example: the mud room, living room and kitchen may be the rooms with the most people in them at any given time
An old method of reproducing drawings that wound up with the copies being blue background with the lines in white. The original drawing was fed through rollers with the blank paper
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You don't have to be an architect to draw blueprints. Take a piece of paper, making sure it is big enough for your project, and add details such as rooms. remember to add doors and measurements. this will allow you to know how much room you have to work with. Drawing Blueprints
First, blueprints don't have to be on that special blue paper. All types of papers are used today. Begin with drawing the outside walls of your building. Then draw the floor plan, which consists of all rooms and their dimensions. For more information look here: Bluepint Tips for a House;
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A blueprint is a reproduction of a detailed drawing of an architectural or engineering building design. The term "blueprint" has also expanded to mean ...
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