How to Draw a Halloween Bat?


Draw a Halloween bat beginning with an oval for the head. Extend the wings outwards from the base of the head, creating bat wings with veins and webbing. Add fangs or other features to make the bat more fitting for Halloween.
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To draw a bat form an upside down tear drop shape on the drawing surface. Add an oblique line in an upward motion on each side towards the top of the tear drop. Move slightly downward
1. Gather all your supplies together and place them in your work area. You will need three pipe cleaners per bat so make sure you have enough to create as many bats as you wish. 2
1 Draw a circle and an oval which overlap each other in the end of the circle. This will be for the bat’s head and body respectively. You may want to tilt the figures depending
Step 1. Use the pencil tool to draw a freeform ghost shape with a white fill and to see it better, a light colored stroke. Go to Effects > Stylize > Add Inner Glow. Experiment
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To draw Halloween bats you will need pencil, eraser, paper, colored crayons, pencils, and a ruler. Use the white paper to draw a large, than a smaller circle. You ...
1. Draw a small bat outline on a piece of craft foam and cut it out. You can draw it freehand or print out the bat template from and trace it onto ...
To draw a bat, start by sketching some principled shapes. Then draw in two egg-shaped for the ears then a small circle in the middle for the nose. Start focusing ...
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