How do you draw a hexagon?


A person draws a hexagon by drawing a closed polygon with six sides and six vertices. A regular hexagon has six equal sides and six equal angles. A person can draw a regular hexagon using a geometric construction.

A geometric construction is a way of drawing a geometric shape using only a straight edge, a compass and a pencil. To draw a regular hexagon using a geometric construction, start by drawing a circle. After having drawn the circle, he takes the compass and places both ends on the edge of the circle. He then uses the straight edge to connect the two points. He places one end of the compass on the end of one line and the other end on the edge of the circle, forming another straight line. He continues the process until he has six lines around the edge of the circle.

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A hexagon has six equal sides and six equal angles. Use a compass to draw a circle. Move the compass to the edge of the circle without changing the setting. Then, make a mark. Set
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A hexagon is a six-sided figure. Cut an equilateral triangle out of a piece of paper. Chop off little equilateral triangles at each tip of the triangle. What you have is a hexagonal
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