How to Draw a Hopscotch Board?


There are many variations of the hopscotch board. The pattern that began in Brooklyn and is commonly used today uses equal-sized squares numbered from one to eight:
7 8
4 5
1 2 Different patterns for hopscotch can be found here: Instructions for how to play can be found here:
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Attached is a picture of an actual Hopscotch court. !
1. Draw out three connected squares, each measuring about 12 inches square. These squares need to be right above one another. Write a "1" in the bottom square, "2"
For drawing.
If you are going with the traditional square, about 13" square (some folks have big feet) You can trim it down.
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Hopscotch is an outdoor game that has delighted youngsters for years. You will need chalk or a chalk rock to draw the board. There is no set rule, but most people opt for the one square, two square motif. You start by drawing one square, at least 18 inches square. Place a large number 1 in the center. Above that, you will draw 2 squares, side by side, again 18 inches square each, that will be centered over the previous square. Draw a large number 2 in the one on the left and a 3 on the one on the right. Next will be a single center square, like the first square, with a number 4. Keep drawing like this, doing one square, two square, until you have reached 10. After 10, draw a big oval. This will be Moon, where players will jump to turn around. Now, get hopping!
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