How do you draw a Lorenz curve?


The 'equality line' in a graph follows that of X=Y. Very little in life is so perfect. Hence, the Lorenz Curve. It comes in handy when evaluating the disparity of values, whether you're looking at household incomes or your stock on hand. Here's an in-depth explanation of Lorenz Curves, and examples drawn using a spreadsheet program:
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1. Draw curves freehand with smooth lines. Place the paper upright. Tack it to a wall, or pin in to cardboard. You will get freer curves than if you work flat and your drawing arm
1. Draw a full-sized circle using the circle drawing tool. Ad. 2. Add a layer. on top of the circle you just drew. 3. Put another circle on top of the first circle you drew in the
The Lorenz curve is a graphical
Put the following titles in the cells A1:E1. i. y_i. Sum_i. F_i. L_i. In the following I assume you have 20 data. Cells A2:A21 the numbers 1.20. Cells B2:B21 the 20 data in non-decreasing
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A lorenz curve is a way to graph income in a variety of different people, areas, and locations. This is a skill that must be taught and is quite precise and can be complicated.
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