How to Draw a Magnolia Flower?


A Magnolia is a type of flower that grows on a tree. To draw a magnolia flower you should start with a small circle. The next step is to draw the stamen of the flower. You will continue drawing the petals until you have completed the flower.
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1. Draw a vertical oval with pointed ends. This is the center of the Magnolia blossom (the part with the stamens on it) 2. Draw the petals to the right and left of the shape you drew
Often times it is a very light, soft pastel, like white, pink or yellow.
Learning how to draw a flower with stem and leaves is easier than it sounds. Follow these simple instructions to draw a daisy: 1. Draw a large circle with a smaller one inside. 2.
1. Choose the style in which you want to draw. Many Internet sites offer instruction on how to draw realistic-looking flowers, while others teach you how to draw cartoon flowers.
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How to Draw a Magnolia Flower
A Magnolia is a type of flowering tree that produces blooms of white and pink buds. Magnolia flowers are robust but elegant, with long wide petals and a column in the center of many stamens and pistils. When drawing a Magnolia flower, remember to use... More »
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