How do you draw a magnolia flower?


The magnolia flower is a white, fragrant flower with a large, open floret. The following instructions are for a side-view of a magnolia facing up. Start with gentle pressure, and sketch over lines to create the drawing.

  1. Start with an oval

    Lightly sketch an oval in the center of the paper. This serves as the center of the magnolia flower.

  2. Sketch the stamen

    In the center of the oval, sketch a quarter-circle on the bottom right. Create a scalloped triangle on top. Make the triangle uneven so that it's organic-looking.

  3. Draw the inner petals

    Three petals make up the center floret of the magnolia flower. Draw one in full view behind the stamen. Draw a second in profile to the left of the stamen. The last petal goes to the right. The curve of the third petal connects to the quarter-circle of the stamen.

  4. Draw the center petals

    The center petals are the most detailed. Locate each petal between the existing petals. Draw three organic triangles with the tips pointing out. Draw a fold along the inner edge of two of the three center petals.

  5. Draw the outer petals

    The outer petals peek out from behind the center petals. Locate each petal between the center petals, but not aligned with the inner petals. Create a fold on two of the petals.

  6. Erase the guide

    Carefully erase the central oval.

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How to Draw a Magnolia Flower
A Magnolia is a type of flowering tree that produces blooms of white and pink buds. Magnolia flowers are robust but elegant, with long wide petals and a column in the center of many stamens and pistils. When drawing a Magnolia flower, remember to use... More »
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