How to Draw an Atom?


Start with a large circle for the center of the atom. Next draw a series of vertical lines that go through the center of the atom. These lines are going to be the cloud for the electrons. You can find more information here:
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1. Choose one element from the periodic table. Notice the atomic number of the element, usually in the upper left corner of the box with the element's information. This indicates
Dalton 'drew' the first atom, however, this was essentially a circle with a letter in it. The popular version of the atom, as seen today, was theorized by Rutherford.
An atomic drawing is a circle (or multiple circles depending on the element) with
The lone pair in ammonia can be considered a ligand, according to the VSEPR theory it pushes the other bonds away. Technically it's slightly off from a pure tetrahedral geometry,
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How to Draw an Atom
Atoms are not the smallest building blocks of matter: Smaller particles called quarks exist, but an atom is one of the simpler designs to draw on paper. The Refined Bohr model of an atom shows the nucleus surrounded by rings---or shells---of electrons.... More »
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Drawing an atom is pretty easy. It is basically a bunch of same-size rectangles crossing over each other at different angles, with some added balls or circles. You can find more information here:
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