How do you draw an atom?


Start with a large circle for the center of the atom. Next draw a series of vertical lines that go through the center of the atom. These lines are going to be the cloud for the electrons. You can find more information here:
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Drawing an atom is simple. In the center draw a nucleus which houses the protons and the neutrons. Surrounding the nucleus draw orbitals. Each orbital holds a certain number of electrons
1. Draw a circle about 2 inches in diameter on a piece of paper. The circle represents the nucleus of a helium atom. 2. Add two " symbols inside the circle to represent the two
Draw a circle then put p for proton and n for neutron the draw a circle over the circle then you take the how many atomic number and the atomic mass and subtract the mass by the number
Sharks are pretty simple to draw. Start out by drawing your basic fish shape. Give it a sharp dorsal fin and pointy tail fins. Adjust the nose to be a little sharper than the round
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How to Draw an Atom
Atoms are not the smallest building blocks of matter: Smaller particles called quarks exist, but an atom is one of the simpler designs to draw on paper. The Refined Bohr model of an atom shows the nucleus surrounded by rings---or shells---of electrons.... More »
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Drawing an atom is pretty easy. It is basically a bunch of same-size rectangles crossing over each other at different angles, with some added balls or circles. You can find more information here:
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