How to Draw an Ecosystem?


Drawing an ecosystem can be very complex. To do it properly you need to know each aspect of the ecosystem. You have to know the details of the layout the ecosystem.
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How to Draw an Ecosystem
Ecosystems consist of a vast variety of environments such as tidal pools, agricultural fields, home gardens, aquatic communities and forests. Ecologists will block off areas of an ecosystem depending on the needs of their work in order to study the... More »
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1. Create a horizon line where the land meets the sky. (See Reference 1 &2) 2. Starting at the horizon, create a sloping line to represent land if a water ecosystem will be included
You just have to take a certain environment and draw a picture of how the plants and animals interact. Like for example, a mouse eats a plant, then a cat eats the mouse, then a dog
Because things are so interdependent. Something in any ecosystem probably has some minor link to something outside.
Ecosystems are difficult to separate from each
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1. Wait until winter to drawdown your pond. Summer heat can cause pond temperatures to fluctuate quickly and kill your pond’s ecosystem. 2. Examine your ...
A food web is a drawing that normally connects species in an ecosystem. In a giraffe food web, the giraffe normally feeds on the plants which are considered to ...
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