How to Draw an Elephant?


All one needs to draw an elephant is to be able to draw a few simple shapes. Drawing a cartoon elephant is fun and easy and even beginners can do it. Things one will need are a pencil and a paper. One basic step one can begin with is, draw a large oval and a small oval for the body and head respectively. One can then continue to add details, such as legs, ears, trunk and even the texture of the elephant’s skin.
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1. Look up an image of elephant ears in the Resources section of this article. Use those as a reference. As you can see, the angle from which the elephant is viewed has little effect
1. Draw a circle and a big oblong attached to it. Ad. 2. Draw the elephant’s tusk using curved lines and the ears using a wide inverted C shape. 3. Draw the limbs using a set
start in this way. 1.trunk. 2.head. 3.ears. 4.body. 5.tail. 6.legs. 7.eyes and other details.
Elephant does not need to be drawn as it is too heavy. Once it has been tame, the animal
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How to Draw an Elephant
Drawing an elephant is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, with a few simple instructions, you can draw an elephant both from the front and from the side. You can use this easy tutorial to teach children to draw elephants or to draw them... More »
Difficulty: Easy
Drawing can be exciting and fun. To see the outcome of your creative work is rewarding. When drawing an elephant, first start with the head and the body. Make them like circles, one little one for the head and one big one connecting to the head. Then draw the trunk, legs and tail. You can find more info at:
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Draw two circles, the head and the body then draw guidelines for the face, trunk and the legs. Draw the eyes, add the eyebrows and a few pieces of hair on the ...
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