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To learn how to draw cartoons you can visit: where they have a range of cool stuff to draw from 80’s, ancient, animals, anime, birds, car, celebrity, dinosaurs, hero’s cartoons to galleries and colouring pages.
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To draw cartoon first get in to your mind which cartoon u r going to draw then try to draw the overall structure in terms of smaller structures like circles,ovals etc. Then draw step by step the parts of the cartoon. For more information look here:;
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You can draw cartoon people with a combination of lines and shapes. For example you can use a circle for the head and a triangle for the body. Once you have the head and the body
1. Draw the snout first by making a long u-shape that angles to the right in the center of the paper. Color in a large round nose at the bottom of the u-shape. 2. Make an open mouth
Drawing cartoon frogs can be fun and challenging. Deciding what type of cartoon frog you'd like to draw is step one. Some cartoon frogs look similar to actual frogs while others have
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To draw cartoons you need few basic drawing tools like, a pencil for sketching and a paper, an eraser, a felt-tip pen and a pencil sharpener. Look for comical ...
1. Gather your drawing materials and become familiar with each type. Pencils come in soft or hard lead. Hard lead---designated with an "H"---makes very ...
How to draw cartoons tutorial have a number of cartoons that one can draw. The tutorial will give you step to step on how to draw you cartoon of interest and can ...
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