How do you make an entity relationship diagram for a hotel?


The first step in making an entity relationship diagram (ERD) is to make a list of all the parties or 'entities' involved. Once you do this, write down the relationships that each entity has to the others: drawing the ERD will be easy once you have this information. Finally, draw the different entities with enough space between them and connect them with lines based on their relationships.
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An entity relationship diagram is an abstract and conceptual representation of data. Is also a database modeling method used to produce a type of conceptual schema.
1. Click “File > New Drawing“; a blank page is displayed for drawing the diagram. 2. Click “File > Shapes > Visio Extras > Connectors”; the list
erm, not a subject i'm fond of, but i think a good start would be to look at Dia instead of OO.o for this, it's actually designed with that kind of task in mind.
Read the book and do you own homework.
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