How to Draw Finding Nemo Characters?


To draw Nemo from finding Nemo is to first draw out a circle for his face and body. Then you will add the facial guidelines along with the two fins and tail guideline then draw out the shape of Nemo's face frame in the front. Draw out the shape of his dorsal like fin, his left eyes and then give him a great big smile then add two smaller fins on the side of his defective one and the add the shape of his left fin. Add some solid colour to the tips finish drawing out his clown fish strips and then give him some eyeballs.
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1. Begin by sketching first vertical and horizontal lines or guidelines. Then draw a shape that looks like a toppled over kisses chocolate. Ad. 2. Draw her eyes and mouth. Draw her
The characters of the 2003 Disney Movie "Finding Nemo" consist of fishes
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