How to Draw Gohan?


To draw Gohan, start with a small circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. Draw out a triangular shaped torso, and then add the limb lines. Draw his spiky semi long hair style and the eyebrows. Sketch the shape of his face, and the thickness of the neck. Sketch his upper body which is just a short sleeve shirt. Draw the arms, and clutching fists. Draw the bangs, together with the ears, add the collar bone lines, and draw the collar for the shirt. Draw the wrist bands, fingers, and add detail and definition all over his upper body including the muscle detail. Draw the sash and his big baggy pants .
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Step by Step instructions right here. It's not hard and it's fun. Who doesn't love dragonball Z? There are plenty more characters here as well. To find more information click here
1 Draw two lines and one small triangle on the top. Ad
1. Draw a simple skeleton defining the character stance. Arms, forearms, legs and thighs are cylinders. Make spheres for the shoulders and a box for the chest. The pelvis is also
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There are various methods you can use to draw Gohan. Visit the library for drawing books, and maybe even specific drawing books for characters. You can also search ...
Teen Gohan is the first hybrid being half human half Saiyan son of Goku is a manga fictional character. To draw the original Teen Gohan can be done in two ways ...
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