How to Draw like a Fashion Designer?


Drawing like a fashion designer takes practice. There are some designers who have no idea how to draw! The link has some excellent tutorials and printable fashion templates that you can practice on for free.
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How to Draw Like a Fashion Designer
Drawing like a fashion designer is no easy task. With years of experience designing for the catwalk, they have perfected the sketching techniques that are required for impression drawings. However, as an amateur, you can learn from this experience. You... More »
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You would start by drawing a form of a body. Decide for whom you are designing: men, women, children. Then you will sketch the basic outline of your fashion design. The finishing
1. Before you start, take a look your physical stature. Are you short, average height or tall? Are you within a healthy weight for your height or are there a few areas you might not
1 Think of a style for your fashion. Do you want your fashion to be casual? Dressy? Preppy? Ad 2 Get a clear idea of what you want to draw in your head. If you're designing a dressy
Pantone felt pens if I'm not mistaken.
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Hi I found this site with all kinds of info and Fashion related tutorials/classes: A list of all the things you can learn on that ...
To draw fashion design templates, the designer will start off with an idea of the design. Then they will start to draw out the design on a piece of paper. ...
Layout paper is partially see through so it allows you to lightly sketch and use a fashion or body template. Using a fashion silhouette template is a good idea ...
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