How to Draw Movement?


The simplest way to draw movement in a drawing is by the use of arrow lines. The arrow lines point the direction of the movement, but one can also use other indications such as contracting muscles and clothes being waived by wind. The kind of movement largely determines the kind of drawing one can choose.
Q&A Related to "How to Draw Movement"
1. Draw movement lines are probably the simplest way to show movement in drawing. Used mostly in comics, these are simple lines coming from a person or object. The example picture
You draw movement by drawing lines to show that you are drawing movement.
This fish is slightly more complicated in design, but still based on geometric patterns. Like the fish above, you will want to use a pencil to soften lines.
1. Assemble your basic materials. Locate a picture or an electronic image of a car that you can use as a model. Pick up an inexpensive sketch pad and some art pencils at a hobby shop
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