How to Draw Realistic Bodies?


Drawing realistic bodies is difficult to explain. The best way to practice drawing bodies is to print a picture and try to draw it side-by-side. You can even practice by tracing until you get the idea.
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1. Study human anatomy. Take a high school or college level anatomy course to learn how the bones and muscles of the body interconnect and control movement. Alternatively, obtain
Drawing realistic hair can really be tough for beginners. The hair drawn by beginners tends to be drawn using just straight lines. In order to make the hair look more realistic you
of course it does, each human adult body is the length of 7-8 human head measurements, and babies to 5 heads in measure. You measure each head length with a pencil, putting a thumb
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Start by drawing the cats skeletal shape. You can draw the base of the body as an oval, the head as a circle, and triangle for the ears. Now you can add mass and ...
When learning how to draw realistic draw the silhouette of the image first.You have to pay attention to the colors your using. After drawing your picture be sure ...
To draw realistically you must understand what it is you're looking at. You will want to pay close attention to all of the characteristics of the object. You want ...
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