How to Draw Tanks?


There are different types of tanks. To draw a military tank you get the picture of the military tank. Outline out the general shape of the wheels and the body of the tank. Draw the base of the tank and the wheels which are eight on a tank, and they should be spaced out uniformly. Draw the body of the tank and the door at the peak of the tank. Look at the image of the tank and add as many details as you wish and then draw in the gears, spokes and bolts. Colour the wheels and the body of the tank using pencil and charcoal using a camouflage pattern and colour.
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Tanks and other machinery can be really difficult to draw well. The best way to start out anything would be to break it down into smaller shapes first; a long rectangle for the body, a cylinder for the cannon and a half-circle for the top etc. Fill in the details after you have gotten the basic outline done. For more information see here: ;
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Drawing a military tank is a matter of studying an image that you like; observing the style; and drawing angles and camouflage patterns, and shading. Military tanks were first used
1 First draw a small rectangle
Make a rectangle.
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A tank can be drawn using basic shapes. Start out by drawing the body of the tank in the shape of a hexagon. Add a rectangular shape with rounded edges to the ...
To draw a tank you will need a sheet of paper, pencil, and eraser. Begin drawing a large rectangle with an oval shape above it. From the oval shape you will add ...
You can use different materials to make an army tank, for example card board. Use simple drawings to get outlines of the tank. Spread out a sheet of drawing paper ...
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