How to Draw the Star of Bethlehem?


To draw the star of Bethlehem, all you have to do is draw a long straight line down the middle of your drawing paper. Next draw another two straight lines that go across, one on the top and one on the bottom. The next thing you will do is draw a martini glass shape in each squared middle box. Draw out the point on the top box and draw an inline on the inside. Then you will go to the left and inline the top and bottom of the shapes you drew in step one. Repeat this step in the right box as well and finish off the lining.
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1. Select fabric. For your start, you can use the same color or different colors. The more you play with the color of your star of Bethlehem quilt, the greater chance that it will
Get a piece of paper and pencil, and then go up in the right hand corner, down in the right hand corner, up in the left hand corner, straight across to the right, then down to the
The three wise men, "The Magi".
To draw a Star Wars character such as Bounty Hunters, follow the following steps: draw a circle on a piece of paper, draw a vertical line straight down from the horizontal line in
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