How to Draw Wild Animals With Geometric Shapes.?


1. Choose the shapes that best suit the type of animal you want to draw. Triangles, ovals and rectangles would work best for a kangaroo. For an elephant, you might use a large oval to represent the body and thick rectangles for the legs. 2. Sketch
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How to Draw Wild Animals With Geometric Shapes
Animals are often the subject of drawings and paintings. Using geometric shapes such as squares, circles, ovals, triangles and rectangles can be an effective way to begin drawing wild animals. These shapes can help a beginning artist focus more on proper... More »
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The best way to draw wild animals is to visit them in person at the zoo or buy a book of wild animals for reference. If you choose to use a book, begin by tracing the animal and go
1 First get an imaginary idea of you car design and put it in a piece of paper and then divide each part into different geometrical figures. Ad
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1. Notice the key shapes within the photographs of the animal you've chosen to draw, such as circles, ovals, squares, triangles or rectangles. While the shapes ...
1. Open your compass to the desired radius. Put one end at the end of the ruler and open it until the other end is at the point that corresponds to the radius ...
When you are drawing geometric shapes it is important that you use a ruler. Sometimes you will need a compass as well. It is vital that you keep your lines straight ...
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