How to Draw Yoda?


To draw Yoda draw a circle either by using a compass or freehand and trace a circular object for a perfect or semi-perfect circle. The next step is to draw a triangular shape for the base of his body with odd shapes for the hands. The next step is to define the face shape as well as the lids for the eyes and draw each of the details around his face accurately. Next step is to draw the lower lids of his eyes, the small nose, and wrinkles that run by the sides of his nostrils. Next is to add a few more wrinkles around the eyes and more detail to the ears. This step is followed by work on the neckline and the outskirts of the robe. Make sure to draw the sleeves at a 180 degree angle so they seem as if they were flowing with Yoda's movement. Finally try and draw the claws at an appropriate angle as well as the width that they're spreading.
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Learning how to draw Yoda might not be something they teach you in art schools, but, for a die-hard Star Wars fan, it's a must. How to Draw Yoda Grab a pencil because you will have
1. Draw Yoda's head with an oval shape. Attach two triangles to the side of his head for ears. Draw the body with a rectangular shape. The bottom of this shape should be wider than
To draw Yoda, start by drawing a round head & two big triangle shap...
1 Draw a large circle for the head/face. Underneath the circle, draw a curved line as shown in the image. Once you're happy with your shapes, add guidelines for the face. Ad 2 Draw
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