How to Dread Short Hair?


To dreadlock short hair you will need to first cleanse the hair and make sure to use a good conditioner. There are various simple methods used to dreadlocks short hair and as your hair grows longer it will be easier to maintain. For more information look here:,,;
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1. Wet the hair and section off a 1-inch square at the nape of the neck with a rattail comb. Use the pick to separate the section of hair. 2. Split the section vertically into two
1 Start with clean, dry hair. Use a clarifying shampoo and don't follow it with conditioner in the weeks leading up to your dreading session. Forego products that are designed to
My Friend He Twisted It As Much And Tight As Possible Then Combined Gell Grease And Water And His Dreads were Shinny And Percect .But Only If After You Twist Comined The Gel Grease
1. Dampen the hair slightly by misting it with the spray bottle. This will allow the hair to stay together better and will prevent stray hairs. 2. Make a ponytail with the hair and
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"Cilia" are defined as short, small, thread- or hair-like organelles that line the surface of particular cells. The cilia beat rhythmically, causing ...
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