How to Dread Short Hair?


To dreadlock short hair you will need to first cleanse the hair and make sure to use a good conditioner. There are various simple methods used to dreadlocks short hair and as your hair grows longer it will be easier to maintain. For more information look here:,,;
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1. Wash hair to remove oils and natural buildup. Clean hair dreads better than dirty hair. Do not condition afterwards. 2. Wring out excess water. Run the comb carefully through your
1 Start with clean, dry hair. Use a clarifying shampoo and don't follow it with conditioner in the weeks leading up to your dreading session. Forego products that are designed to
depends what you mean by fake dreads. you can be bald. or have just enough to attach them to. fake dreads are fake though. they look fake, they feel fake, they provide none of the
To make dread locks you will need: Dread Wax, Residue Free Shampoo, Metal Comb,
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