How to Dress for 70 Degree Weather?


To to dress for 70 degree weather would depend upon where you were coming from previously. If you are coming from an area that has been experiencing temperatures in the low 30's, you will want to bring out the shorts and t shirts to enjoy that warmth. If you are coming from an area that has been hitting the high 90's for the last few weeks you may want to have a sweater and leggings ready to wear.
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You should dress a little warmly for 70 degree weather. 70 degrees can get cold if you are in it for a long time and not dressed properly. You would probably be comfortable in shoes and socks, pants, and a t-shirt or maybe long-sleeved shirt.
70 degree weather is a bit on the warmer side. It's not warm enough for a dress or skirt but maybe some light linen pants or a pair of jeans paired with a cute tank top and a little jacket or button/zip down shirt on top.
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depends on what you are used to. im in cali and so if its 70 degrees than i just ware a long sleeve shirt no sweatshirt or jacket, then i roll my sleeves up if i get warm.
1. Wear a shirt made from thin material as your base layer. Cotton insulates heat poorly when wet, so wear polypropelene or polyester if you anticipate sweating from exercise or if
Girls: Bermuda shorts or knee-length shorts with a tanktop or short-sleeve shirts, sneakers or flipflops. Boys: Basketball shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers! Hope that Helps!
70 degrees is warm, but not necessarily warm enough to with full summer
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