How to Dress for a 70s Party?


Dressing for a 70's party is a load of fun. To find the perfect outfit just peruse the Internet for an idea of how they use to dress. Grab a pair of platform shoes and curl up your hair or straighten it flat. Guys will want to find a leisure suit and women will want to find a short mini dress. These outfits should shimmer or shine and be bright and printed. Add a few pieces of bold large jewelry to complete the look.
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Dressing for a '70s-themed bash requires a bit of style savvy, a bit of sass and an abundance of glitzy, glamorous polyester in every imaginable shade of the fashion rainbow. To capture
1. Wear a collared shirt. Look for metallic colors or bold prints like leopard, and search for fabrics like spandex or satin. Ad. 2. Unbutton the top few buttons of the shirt, just'70s-Disco
There are a couple of strategies that work best for cocktail party dressing. One is to let the dress star; the other is to let a special piece of jewelry star. If you want your dress
Wife-beater shirts, ripped blue jeans and Confederate flag tees are good choices
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How to Dress for a 70s Party
So you're going to a seventies party and you don't know what to wear. No problem. This article will guide you through the steps of dressing like you've been there and done that. Here's how to dress for a seventies party.... More »
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In the 70's people dress more colorfully - orange, green, and other bright colors were in. Don't forget your bandana. Bell bottoms were in as well. And men leave ...
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