How to Dress Ghetto?


To dress ghetto, wear baggy and sagging pants. Wear a bandana around your head and get a bling necklace.
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She would dress in clean cheap clothing.
1. Wear bright, tight t-shirts with sleeves no longer then your biceps. Your shirt can have: Studs, sayings such as "Boys Like Me" and if you want to be a bit scene, prints
Wear really tight pants, eyeliner that wings out, big hoop earrings, wear shirts that
basketball shorts. with gray sweat pants over (sagg) then roll the sweat pants up halffway up to your knee. and wear some high tops, or just nike/jordans/etc. hat tipped up. and a
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To dress ghetto, you will need to wear over-sized clothes. Dressing ghetto is also associated with gang attire. Baggy pants and huge shirts can make you look ghetto.
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