How to Drill Out a Lock?


For one to drill out a lock, they first have to choose a small drill bit that roughly fits the keyhole, drill out the locking pins of the lock and then aim for the section where the longest part of the key enters. For the drill bit not to overhear and break, keep it lubricated and get through all of the pins. Put your drill in reverse and work it out, after you have gone through all of the pins and try to turn the cylinder with a screwdriver and finally open the lock.
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1. Load the 1/8-inch drill bit into the electric drill's chuck and tighten it into place. 2. Line up the tip of the drill bit with the lock's key hole. 3. Drill a 1-inch-deep hole
To drill open a mortise lock means creating a substitute "shear line" For those who are not locksmiths, a shear line is created when the proper key is inserted into the
drill where the key fits the lock keep your drill level then when you have drilled through you should be able to replace the barrel thereby keeping the whole lock otherwise its a
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A sharp bit and put beside the key way and drill though the lock until it goes all the way in then you do the same thing on the other side of the key way and drill it until it goes all the way in ok you should be in inside of the door in less than 5 min. Insert the small drill bit into your drill and then place the bit at the point where the longest part of the key enters and this may be at the top or bottom of the keyhole, depending on the lock. With your drill set to a medium speed, start drilling the lock with moderate pressure. You don't need to push hard on the drill for it to cut. Use the spray lubricant on the drill bit to keep it from overheating and becoming dull.
First you to read the guidelines on the lock package to get the accurate size of a drill bit to be used. then the template for the lock plate about 6 inches higher than the door handle. Mark the holes and drill the holes into the door. Then use a wood screw that is 1/4inch shorter than thickness of the door and attach the lock plate. Then place the chain on the opposite of the lock plate on the wall outside the door frame. Mark the screw holes and then fasten the chain to the lock plate before drilling the chain mount’s hole. Then drill the holes for the chain mount. then using a 2-inch long mounting screws the chain mount in place.
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To install a key lock on a sliding glass door, begin by making sure the area is clean. Drill a hole in the frame where the lock will be installed. Attach the lock ...
Draw an X on the back from the shafts to the bottom. Drill a 1/8 inch hole just above the middle of the X, turn dial to the right 4 times then slowly turn it right ...
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