How to Drink Zinfandel Wine?


The best way to drink Zinfandel wine is when it is refrigerated to 65 degrees. Put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes before opening it. It should be slightly cooler than room temperature.
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1. Refrigerate wine for just 20 minutes before opening. Zinfandel is best at 65 degrees-just a bit cooler than normal room temperature, but not chilled. 2. Open the bottle. If it
Very carefully. Seriously, white wine is generally drunk in the tall wine glasses and red wine is generally in the fatter, shorter wine glasses.
Zinfandel dates back to the 1830's when it first appeared in the US. It
Whether or not you become sick as a result of drinking alcohol depends on how much you. drink. rather the sequence of consuming different types of alcoholic beverage.
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No, white zinfandel is actually a blush wine. The term 'blush' wine was coined after the color of the wine, which is typically pink in color. ...
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