How to Dry a Scab?


It seems that we are constantly bombarded with conflicting information regarding answers to various health remedies. How to best care for a scab is no different. It was once said that a scab should be dried out. There are other directions which say a scab dries better if it is kept moist. In modern times I believe that the prominent advice for dealing with scabs is to keep it moist and clean. Should you decide to dry out the scab despite this advice
Q&A Related to "How to Dry a Scab?"
Take a cotton ball a soak it in vinegar. Than tape it On to ur face. Leave it there for an hour. Than take it off leave it alone for 5 min then if u want peal it off.
After cleaning the wound you should allow the wound to air out and dry. If this is for
1. Wash your entire face thoroughly with warm water and a moisturizing antibacterial facial cleanser. 2. Blot your face dry with a clean dry towel. Do not wipe or drag the towel across
How long does a scab take to heal? The answer to this question depends on the size, depth and condition of the scab. Scabs remain in place to protect the healing skin as cells develop
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