How to Dry Cattails.?


1. Cut cattails in late summer before they begin to lose their fluff. Use a pair of sharp garden shears to clip the woody stem. Don't cut the stems too short. You can always shorten them later. 2. Strip off any green leaves from the stem. Set the
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How to Dry Cattails
Dried cattails make an attractive addition to floral arrangements. The tall spikes with their velvety sausage-like cylinders add height to arrangements. Cattails grow in marshy areas and can reach 10 feet in height. The brown heads develop from May to... More »
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tie them together and hang them upside down. after they've dried, there is floral fixative u can spray them with to keep them from falling apart.
1. Cut off the tops of 20 to 30 cattails, and discard them. You will use only the reeds on the cattails to create an Indian basket. 2. Cut each reed to measure 18 inches long, using
1. Harvest the cattails. Cattail leaves and stalks are ripe for harvest in late summer or fall. Cut the leaves and/or stalks near the base of the plant, where leaves and stalk meet
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Cattails are best dried by hanging upside down. If there are many cattails, tie them together with twine before hanging. ...
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