How to Dry Sand Dollars?


Sand dollars are very fragile objects and should be handled very carefully. Pat sand dollars down with a paper towel and lay them in the sun until completely dry. Keep an eye on them for you don't want them to become even more brittle by leaving them out in the sun too long.
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The best way to dry sand dollars is in the sunshine. After you have washed the sand dollars in clean fresh water several times, simply lay them out on a flat surface to dry in the warm sunshine. For more information look here:;
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Sand dollars are extremely fragile and have to be handled carefully. The best way to clean them is to run warm water into a plastic dish, add a bit of liquid soap and gently put the
1. Attach an extension cord to a hairdryer and plug the extension cord in. Walk the hairdryer over to the area where the sand is, such as out to your garden or to a sandbox. Turn
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Prepare a drying solution of three parts salt, one part baking soda and place the sand dollar in
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