How can you preserve a starfish?


You can preserve a pretty starfish by soaking it in alcohol for 24 hours, then let it dry by laying it in the sun. If you do not want the legs to curl up, you need to weigh them down as they dry.
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1. Place the starfish in a bowl or bucket of warm water. Allow it to soak for several hours or until it's soft and pliable. 2. Place the starfish atop a newspaper-covered board. 3
Leavi it out in the sun and keep away from water.
Starfish are able to reproduce both sexually and asexually. There are both male and female starfish and fertilization takes place externally. Some species of starfish may be able
keep them under the sun for 1-3 hours and get it
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How to Dry Starfish
Starfish, or sea stars, are prized by many collectors of ocean life. These lovely gifts from the sea are often featured as beach wedding decorations and lend themselves nicely to craft projects and home decor. You’ll need to dry your starfish... More »
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Starfish can be aided in the drying process by immersing them in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol while you sleep. After this, you should towel dry it. Next, put the starfish into the sun in order to dry up the moisture left. Putting something on the legs will keep them from curving inward as they dry. For more information look here:;
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