How to Duck Hunt?


Hunters choose different animals to hunt and different styles of hunting. Learning to duck hunt can mean using help from decoys to bring the ducks to a pond. Duck hunting and any other hunting usually requires a permit from your local or state wildlife management agency.
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Duck hunting season is regulated by each state and is different for each. The best way to find out what the season is in your state is to search your state's official website. Some
1. Take an inventory of hunting gear. Any good shotgun will do and a No.3 steel shot shell works well. 2. Ensure that a good set of waders is ready to trek through wet and muddy conditions
A Decoy
In Tennessee, duck hunting season for the North Zone will be from Oct. 18 - Dec. 7
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To hunt ducks you must first attract them to you. For this you will need a duck call, which is a whistle that imitates the sounds of ducks or a decoy duck. Once ...
Duck hunting boat plans are available online from various websites. Some need to be bought, while others are free. Duck hunting boats can be constructed from wood ...
Duck hunting is an extremely popular sport that many people enjoy doing. Duck hunting season can vary depending on the state in which you reside. You can find ...
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