How do you duplicate items in "Pok�mon FireRed"?


You can duplicate Item Pokemon fire Red only if it has a gender. Start by catching a Ditto on route 13 to 15 and take him together with Venusar to 4 Island and breed them. A Bulbasaur egg will be ready the next morning and this can be used for the evolution of Evee.
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1. Save your game by pressing "Start," then "Save" then "Yes" before attempting this technique. 2. Attach the item you want to duplicate to any Pokemon
To Pokemon Sapphire or Ruby, then take it to the
How to duplicate Pokemon. Get a Ditto from Route 13 or 15 and breed it with the Pokemon you want to duplicate. The Pokemon you want to duplicate has to have a gender and you have
You can't because if you try a lot, It will carupt your saved file and that means can't be played and a virus in the game boy!!!!!!!!!
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How to Duplicate Items in Pokemon Fire Red
Remember the good ole heyday when you could simply fly to Cinnabar Island, surf against the left edge, attack the MissingNo and multiply your Rare Candies in Pokemon Red. With the introduction of newer versions like Gold/Silver/Crystal,... More »
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To duplicate items in Pokemon Fire Red, first save your game and then attach the item you want to any Pokemon in your party by selecting 'Item' then 'A', pressing 'Hold' and then selecting 'Pokemon' then 'A'. Next, turn on the PC by pressing 'A' then access Bill's PC by pressing 'A' again and select any empty box by pressing 'A' again. Move the Pokemon with the held item into the empty box by selecting 'Pokemon', pressing 'A' then selecting 'BOX', after which you save and turn off the power when specifically prompted not to.
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