How to Dye Carpet Myself?


Dying your own carpet can save you hundreds of dollars and it is a pretty easy job. To ensure a great dye job first know the kind of carpet you have. Before you can start clean your carpet thoroughly and inspect it so you know where all of your trouble spots (stains) are. For uniform color apply the dye during the day so you have that natural light. Using a carpet shampooing machine spread the dye on the carpet. Allow to fully dry. For more info on carpet dying click the link below.
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1. Examine the existing stains on your carpet. If you know how those stains developed, use similar stain agents to multicolor your carpet and camouflage the stains. Gather together
1. Hire a professional to clean and dye your carpets for the best, longest lasting results. Some local carpet cleaning companies offer dying services at reasonable prices. Invite
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Although it would be easier and maybe a bit less messier to have a professional service your carpet, one can dye carpet. To do so, you will need these basic tools to start. A vacuum cleaner, shampooer, sectioning tape, gloves, water and a bucket. After sectioning off the area to be dyed, shampoo your carpet, mix the dye and apply in circular motion using a brush, and allow the carpet to dry.
To dye your carpet yourself you will need to clean it first. Once dry spray it with the dye evenly. Scrub the dye into the carpet with brush. Allow to dry.
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