How to Eat a Kiwano Horned Melon.?


1. Make sure your kiwano horned melon is ripe. Look for a golden orange color with no bruises or cuts in the rind. 2. Cut open your kiwano melon either vertically or horizontally. Use a spoon to scoop out and eat the gelatinous center and the seeds.
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1. Choose a kiwano that is fully ripened. Choose a kiwano that is fully ripened. It'll have an orange rind with spikes. If you can't find a fully ripened fruit, wait for it to turn
The horned melon (Cucumis metuliferus), also called African horned
The seeds and the pulp are both edible. But most don't like to eat the seeds, there are also a lot of ways to cook with a Horned Melon.
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To eat a horned melon you will need to have a knife to cut it with a spoon to scoop it with. Start by finding a melon that is ripe. cut the melon in half and use ...
A horned melon is an annual vine in the cucumber and melon family. It is grown for its fruit, which looks like an oval melon with horn-like spines. Though the ...
A horned melon can be cut either horizontally, vertically or lengthwise using a knife, then you can remove the seed pods with a spoon and serve. Horned melon ...
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