How to Eat Fenugreek Seeds?


There are many ways that you can ingest Fenugreek seeds. The first way is to simply just eat them. But this method can cause a bitter taste in your mouth as well as stomach cramps. Next you could eat them by soaking them in water overnight and then making them into a curry the very next day. Some people will even crush the Fenugreek seeds into a fine powder and add them to a glass of water. I would suggest that you do this method on an empty stomach.
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There are different methods- 1) Make powder of Fenugreek seeds and take with water every morning empty stomach. 2) Sock in water whole night and make curry of it, add little sugar
1. Dry-fry whole fenugreek seeds in a frying pan. Heat a pan without any fat over medium heat. Add the seeds while moving the pan in a circular motion to keep the fenugreek moving
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Flax seeds can be eaten whole or ground and put into food and drinks. In is recommended to use ground flax seeds right away to retain the nutritional value. Baking or cooking flax
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Fenugreek is a plant that is used both medicinally and in cuisine. Fenugreek is most commonly used in Indian cuisine. Fenugreek seeds are added to salads, while ...
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Fenugreek is a type of plant from the Fabaceae family. It is used in cuisine and has medicinal uses as well. To grow the seeds, you should plant them in early ...
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