How to Electrocute Yourself?


If you're looking to electrocute yourself, you could try the tried and true method of sticking a fork in an electrical socket. You could also try putting a butter knife in a plugged in toaster. If those things don't work, sticking your hand in live wiring ought to do the trick.  If you are seriously thinking of electrocuting yourself you should talk to someone about depression.
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Both hands tight to the hot and neutral line, like you see from the movie.
1. Because many generating plants are miles from the urban areas where most electricity is used, so power loss along the lines is a big concern. Maximizing transmission voltage is
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There are many ways humans can be electrocuted. The amperage does not have to be large as per the following. Milliamps are dangerous, 1 amp equals 1000 mA. Less than 1/2 milliamp
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