How to Eliminate Dead Mouse Odor?


There are several tips on how to eliminate dead mouse odor. The first is to find and get rid of the dead mouse. You can use natural items such as placing a bowl of sliced onions in the room and let it sit there overnight. You could also place a bowl of vinegar in the room to neutralize the odor. Other tips can include using fabric fresheners such as Febreze and spray the room and any fabrics. If all else fails you may need to open all the doors and windows and let the place air out.
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1. Clean your mouse cage often if you keep mice as pets. Clean the cage at least once a week with warm, soapy water. Mice communicate with their scent, so you'll also be doing your
Liquid bleach or gasoline.
1 Wash your body. If you find that you are a bit smelly, hop in the shower if you have the time. Body odor is created by bacteria that cause you to smell, so rinsing your body (and
Fabreeze the heck out of it. Always works.
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To eliminate a dead mouse odor, you must first find the deceased mouse. If you cannot find the mouse, you must wait for the mouse to dry and decay before the odor will stop! To mask the odor, use Fresh Wave Continuous Release Odor Neutralizing Gel. You can find more information at togetridofmice. com/2008/12/getting-rid-of-dead-mouse-smell. html
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