How to Encapsulate Asbestos Pipes?


The best way to encapsulate asbestos pipes includes using several safety measures. The management and removal of asbestos is federally regulated. It is better to not disturb the asbestos because if left untouched it is safe. When encapsulating, you can use wet-wrap found at any insulation supply store.
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1. Examine the pipe. If the surface of the pipe or the pipe wrap is damaged or will need repairs in the near future, you may wish to have a professional remove and replace the pipe.
Not Professional Advice: Have an asbestos abatement professional inspect your home before taking any action! To encapsulate asbestos pipes, first you need to examine the pipe. If
Asbestos pipe is made of cement that contains asbestos fibers. Iron pipe is made from cast iron.
the right stuff to use is wet-wrap it comes in a roll of white cloth like material ,you cut it to the desired size and wet then apply it over the pipes or boiler,when it dries it
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How to Encapsulate Asbestos Pipes
Although asbestos is now banned in construction, you may find pipes with asbestos-containing insulation in your older home. When the fibers of that insulation slough away, they can become lodged embedded in lung tissues, causing a number of respiratory... More »
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