How to Enter a Second-Chance Lottery Drawing?


A person can enter a second chance lottery drawing with their losing ticket on the issuer's website. A person will be required to enter the barcode on their ticket into the site for a chance at the winnings.
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1. Locate the website for the lottery in which you participated. You may have purchased a ticket to a national lottery that occurs in many states throughout the nation, or you may
Pick numbers 32 and up. The numbers don't go high enough to be affected by year of birth (for most people) so you only need to concern yourself with days and months. To a lesser degree
Taken directly off the Illinois State Lottery website: "One winner will be selected in the second chance drawing. The drawing will be announced by the Lottery at a later date
Your chance of winning any particular prize doubles, but given that there are millions of permutations for the numbers, the chance of winning a major prize is still infinitesimally
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You can enter your non winning instant tickets into a second chance drawing in Tennessee. All of the Tennessee Lottery non winning instant tickets are eligible ...
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