How to Enter Renault Radio Code?


To enter the radio code in your Renault, you need to first switch on the radio, then use the 'stalk control' function to find each digit of the code. To select the digit, press the button that is right below the thumb-wheel on the steering wheel. When selecting the last digit, hold down the 'select' button until you hear a beep: this should activate the radio.
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Hi, The code you need to enter is a four digit code lets sayfrexample 2222. you enter the code as follows using the numbered buttons on radio. (pre-sets) button 1 press twice. button
1. Open the hood and check the connection for the battery. Tighten the positive cable clamp retaining nut and then the negative cable clamp retaining nut. 2. Put the key in the ignition
You rotate the notched control wheel on the steering control - it's directly behind the volume up and down keys, and confirm the selections with the button on the bottom of the controller
FOR CARS WITH A STEERING WHEEL REMOTE CONTROL. (Note :If you don`t have the [ ¬ ] button then push the thumbwheel in and some will have an [ A¬ ] button ) Turn on the radio
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