How do you estimate electrical work?


Estimating the cost of electrical work includes the predicted costs of supplies, materials, wiring and labor, according to Homewyse. As of January 2014, the cost of installing one outlet in a home was between $152.92 and $208.10, depending on the customer's location. Expect to pay a higher price for a licensed and bonded contractor who comes to a house for a rush job.

Estimating electrical work goes beyond just the electrician installing wires. Equipment and supplies must be delivered, the work site may need to be prepared and extra labor is needed for cleanup after the project is finished. Extra costs include permits, sales tax and added fees for general contractors who oversee subcontractors on big projects.

The price goes up for each additional outlet. For 10 outlets, the previous cost estimate becomes $1,529.20 to $2,081.10. In order to save money, get multiple bids, combine projects and be flexible about scheduling the work.

Home Advisor lists the national average of several electrical projects including installation of a new circuit box, a ceiling fan, an attic fan, a light fixture, a generator and a switch. As of July 2014, the national average for a new switch is $198, whereas an electrical generator costs $4,097 to install. Prices vary by locality and by different service companies.

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How to Estimate Electrical Work
Electricians are responsible for installing wiring, lighting, power outlets, and other electrical components in homes and businesses. Before an electrician is hired, he or she will generally prepare an estimate, which indicates how much the project will... More »
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