How to Evict a Tenant without a Lease?


If there is no lease, you can easily evict a tenant because there is no signed agreement. Landlords have the right to evict a tenant if they are not following the rules and guidelines that have been set. The tenant should receive notice of the eviction.
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In order for a tenant to be evicted the landlord must go to court and file a writ to start the eviction process. A signed agreement or not the process is the same. At some point money
1. Draft or complete a standard a 30-day notice to vacate premises. Standard 30-day notices are readily available on the Internet. The notice must state the co-tenant has 30 days
It doesn't matter if they have a written lease or not. If they pay rent (or are supposed to pay rent) on a monthly basis then they are a month-to-month tenant by law. You would evict
The court looks at verbal agreements just like a lease. The difference is in how you can leagally get the tenant out . If a tenant is on a month to month basic's then you have yo
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How to Evict a Tenant in Texas Without a Lease
A gun-slinging "don't mess with Texas" mentality may get someone out of your property, but it might also get you in trouble with the law. Despite what some may believe, a non-leasing tenant facing the threat of eviction isn't defenseless. Advocates at... More »
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In most instances, an unauthorized tenant can be evicted from an apartment with or without cause according to — a legal information clearinghouse. ...
If you rent a property without a written lease, you're a tenant at will so you have the same right as an ordinary tenant and the rghts are in the rent laws. Having ...
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